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Monday, June 4, 2012


Those of you that follow this blog may have noticed that there haven't been many new posts lately....
We are nearing the end of the long process of creating a new website. We will have a new blog associated with that website, and will no longer be posting here. We will certainly let all of you know when that happens....should be very soon!
Thanks for your patience....

UPDATE: New site is up and running!

New blog:

Check them out!

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dj50goodwin said...

Hi, Toni--I found your site today and I am blown away with how you capture some of your animal friends. They are astonishing. Your talent is stunning. You catch the essence of a horse so beautifully, so easily. The mane in a breeze is a tricky thing. You wrap it up and around and over and then down again. And, their faces and expressions come across so naturally. That is difficult, to say the least. Kudos. I will be following your work with interest.
Keep it up.
Donna Goodwin
Temple City, Ca.