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Monday, June 4, 2012

Appliqué Beginner Tutorial

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Do you find yourself wanting to start putting together an appliqué pattern quilt, but are not sure where to start? This is for you! We've put together a step-by-step guide to help you along with putting together your first quilt that we hope you find informational and entertaining. We've also put a quick shopping list together at the bottom of the post to help guide you toward success!

Step One - Trace

Trace the pattern pieces onto the fusible web. When everything has been traced, cut around the tracings and press them onto the "wrong" side of your fabric (you may not be able to tell which side of the fabric is the "wrong" side, and if that's the case, either side will do). Fusible web

Step Two - Cut

Cut your tracings out directly on the line. Take note to also cut out the dashed lines! This is where other pieces of fabric will lay on top. When everything is cut out, place your appliqué pressing sheet on top of the full size layout guide. Match up the numbers and letters, and tap them into place with a hot iron. Traced fusible web Match 'em up!

Step Three - Place

Eventually, everything will be pressed together on the appliqué pressing sheet and will start to take a recognizable shape. This is when you'll lift the entire design off of the pressing sheet. Appliqué pattern Appliqué pattern

Step Four - Iron

With the entire pattern design in hand, it's ready to be pressed onto your background fabric! When you've got it placed where you'd like it, sew on your inner and outer borders. Then, make a "sandwich" with your top, batting, and backing.
Appliqué pattern on background

Step Five - Finalize!

Sew one straight stitch around the raw edge, and finally, finish it off by adding your own binding. Wah-la, you've successfully put together your own appliqué quilt! Finished appliqué quilt

Shopping List

To help you get off to a good start, we've compiled a list of the most important tools you'll need to get you going. Most of the items are linked to online retail sites, including our own, for your convenience. Now get out there and start creating!
  1. 1. Appliqué Pattern
  2. 2. Fabric
  3. 3. Appliqué Pressing Sheet
  4. 4. Sharp Scissors
  5. 5. Pentel Mechanical Pencil .5
  6. 6. Fusible Web
  7. 7. Sharpie
  8. 8. Aurifil Thread
  9. 9. Exacto Knife
  10. 10. Baggies (in all different sizes)
  11. 11. Long Tweezers
  12. 12. Iron
  13. 13. Light Box
  14. 14. 75/11 Quilting Needle

Coming Up Next...

Stay tuned to our blog, where we'll be talking about the most important tools you can have while putting together appliqué patterns (hint: it looks a lot like the shopping list above!), we'll be having a conversation about Aurifil Thread, plus some artist interviews!