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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This is it! Just the last two borders and this one will be ready for quilting!
Make sure your quilt top is pressed very well!
Cut two of the 1 1/2 inch strips in half. Sew one half to each of the remaining four full strips. Lay two stripS across the center of the quilt top. Trim edges even with the quilt top. Sew to opposite sides of the quilt top, easing the quilt top into border, if necessary. Press towards border.
Repeat for the remaining two strips.
Add the four focus fabric border pieces in the same manner.

Here is a closeup...I just thought you might like to see how cute this border fabric is! I have had it in my stash for awhile, just waiting for the right project and the right baby..... I am anxious to get this one to the quilter. With white batting, the shadows of the seam allowances will disappear, and I think the contrast between the light and the light/medium fabric will show up more.

Here is another version of the quilt, with a Michael Miller Christmas fabric and Fairy Frosts. As you can see, in this quilt there is much more contrast between the light and the light/medium. This just came back from the quilter yesterday, so I haven't added binding yet.

To finish it up, layer and quilt as desired. (Or do like I do....send it off to the quilter...)
To bind it, join the seven 2 1/2 inch strips of DARK fabric, end to end, to form a long binding strip. Attach to quilt in your preferred method!

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