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Monday, June 4, 2012

Watch Autumn Lady Come To Life

Laura Krasinski is an amazing quilter and teacher in Wisconsin….how many of you are aware of her? She has a couple of blogs…I suggest you start getting to know her by clicking HERE. She has created a wonderful slideshow of our “Autumn Lady” coming to life. Click HERE to view her slideshow. Laura has managed, without words, to show the steps taken to recreate this stunning Carl Brenders design. I sometimes wonder how many people shy away from our wildlife designs because the appear too complicated? The reality is, whether the design you want to create is a simple daisy or wildlife such as this, the steps are the same; trace, cut, and iron! The difference is simply the number of pieces. A good pattern will guide you through laying out the pieces so all goes together nicely to create your finished quilt top. Stay tuned, soon I will post about what to look for in a applique pattern. They are not all created equal!