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Friday, January 29, 2010

THE QUILT SHOW by Laura Peterson

The Quilt Show by Laura Peterson

Quilt Show by Bertha Stenge

Many of you have been fortunate enough to see "The Quilt Show" by Laura Peterson in person, but for those who haven't, check out www.laurapetersonquilts.com. This quilt is winning ribbons left and right! On the website, Laura explains how this quilt came to be. There is even a writeup about each miniature quilt!

The moment I saw this quilt I thought of Bertha Stenge, an amazing Illinois quilter in the first half of the 20th century, who also had a quilt she called "Quilt Show", also featuring miniature quilts.

I think Laura may be the Bertha Stenge of our times. She is so talented and innovative, truly one of the best I've seen!

(P.S. Thanks to Laura for bringing this amazing quilt to my husband, John Stalowy, for photography.)

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