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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Almost everyone in our shop is addicted to paper piecing! I'm talking about English Paper Piecing, not foundation piecing. It's almost becoming a sickness, with most of us having several different projects going on at once! (Strange phenomenon for quilters.....!!) Our Monday Group was having a mini workshop on paper piecing this week, so I took some photos of some of their work. Later this week I'll post some more samples from around the shop....
This first one is Mary's homespun stars....this will eventually be her bed quilt. Notice that this block is made with only diamonds....these same diamonds can be used to make a tumbling blocks quilt.

This is Coach's purple tablerunner. Although these are wonderful hand projects, they can be done by machine, as Coach did here.

This is where it all started. We had a couple of wonderful gals, Ann Kimball and Karen Winthur come to the shop and give a lesson....this pin cushion was the class project, absolutely perfect for beginners because it could be completed during the class.

This tablerunner uses half diamonds to square off the edges, unlike the purple one above, which is appliqued to the border.

Mary used a charm square pack to create this cutie made with Apple Core papers.

I'm putting together a slide show that will show the simple steps used to create a paper pieced block.

In the meantime, stay tuned....I will post more pictures tomorrow or Friday.

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