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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


As some of you know, we took a trip to Rosemont, IL to participate in International Quilt Festival. Those wonderful people who put together the Houston show and Quilt Market also hold a spring show each year in Rosemont, just outside of Chicago. We made a last minute decision to vend at the show....our first big retail show. We have done many local quilt shows, but this was much bigger than anything we have ever done!

We made sure we had proper nutrition!

Here we are just beginning to set up our booth....a two day process!

Finished booth, view 1.

Finished booth, view 2.

Ready to go!

Traci giving a demo!
I wish I had more pictures of the actual show! We were very busy so there wasn't much time for escaping the booth. Check out Quilts, Inc website....I think they post photos of the show there. There was a wonderful Hmong needlework booth across from us. They don't usually wholesale their work, but they allowed us to purchase some small purses to sell in the shop. They are on their way back with John, so they probably won't get here for about a week. (He's going to stop and do some shooting....photography.....in the Badlands on the way back.) I'll post some photos when they get here. Their handwork is breathtaking!
It's good to be home! Now we will be preparing for Quilt Market in May!


Sylvia said...

The booth looks WONDERFUL!!!!!!! I've never seen ALL the quilts in one place before. What a sight to see.

Toni Whitney said...

The booth looked great, I especially liked the food groups, definitely a well rounded trip and the girls look so pretty!