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Monday, April 13, 2009


People often ask "What are your favorite gadgets or tools?" Well, this one is at the top of my list! It's called "Easy Cut" and it's a small thread cutter. I imagine it was originally designed for machines that don't have built in thread cutters. Well, most machines nowadays do have built in thread cutters which are located in the most convenient place for cutting threads. This one comes with sticky tape to place anywhere you want. As you can see, I place it on the front of my machine..... Works great for separating pieces when chain piecing. I place mine up higher so that when I lower my machine down into the cabinet I still have access to the cutter. But a friend of mine placed hers lower on the base of the machine....that way she doesn't have to raise her arms up as high when cutting apart the pieces. These are inexpensive, so I have one on all my machines!
Thanks to Judy Hasheider for introducing me to this notion a few years ago.....!


Sylvia said...

I have one on all my machines. I have for a few years now. It really is the handiest tool and probably the least expensive.

Jackie said...

What a brilliant idea!